Catch up on this and YOU'RE ALL SET for the year-end and new year! Recapping the 2023 Trends

Catch up on this and YOU'RE ALL SET for the year-end and new year! Recapping the 2023 Trends

Here at Manamina, we use the largest domestic consumer online behavior data to investigate the trends of the world. 2023 has seen a variety of trends emerge, and we've covered them individually in separate articles. This time, as a grand compilation of those reports, we're taking a look back at the key trends of 2023.

Generative AI, like ChatGPT, Revolutionizes Common Knowledge

Among the 2023 trends, one event, in particular, that will have a significant impact in the future is the emergence of generative AI, starting with "ChatGPT." ChatGPT is a service where AI provides answers to any question based on big data from the internet.
With ChatGPT, various aspects, such as automating customer support and bouncing off ideas, have made it possible to optimize work efficiency, changing the nature of human tasks. For marketers, there's also the unavoidable question of how to adapt traditional SEO measures in response to the establishment of this new search method of "asking AI."
You can learn more about ChatGPT and its user characteristics from the article below.

Persona of ChatGPT users! Exploring the actual usage based on behavioral data

ChatGPT is a great tool that meets a variety of needs, such as finding the answers to questions, creating original texts, and even programming, just by typing in the chat box. More than 100 million users worldwide actively use ChatGPT. We investigated user characteristics based on behavioral data from the chat page.

Generative AI in 2023 isn't just about ChatGPT. In response to its introduction, Google declared a "code red" emergency and released "Bard" in February of 2023 as a countermove. Additionally, Microsoft has leveraged the technology behind ChatGPT to renew "Bing" in February 2023, incorporating AI chat tools.

The buzz around ChatGPT! SEO as seen in Bing user trends | Mar. 2023 Content Marketing Latest Trends Report

Microsoft Bing has been the topic of recent discussions with the introduction of ChatGPT. The number of users is on the rise, partly due to the pandemic. In addition to Google and Yahoo!, should marketing strategy also incorporate Bing? VALUES' marketing consultants will explain the latest trends surrounding Bing.

ChatGPT became a major talking point from the start of 2023, but how has its user base changed since then? As of October 2023, we re-investigated the latest trends of ChatGPT users.

Since ChatGPT first launched, how have its users changed? Investigating the actual situation regarding ChatGPT users

ChatGPT emerged as the pioneer of generative AI in November 2022, and the number of users continued to grow. We conducted research on the number of users and their personas for March 2023 (4 months after its release). Now (after approx. 9 months), we look to see if there have been any changes in ChatGPT's user base.

X (formerly Twitter) Renames, Intensifying the Battle for Social Media Share

Another significant change that occurred in 2023 was the rebranding of Twitter to X. Led by Elon Musk, the successive changes to the specifications of X (formerly Twitter) have pointed to the possibility of accelerated user departure.
In the article below, we promptly investigated alternative services that could serve as potential destinations for users leaving X.

Which service will replace Twitter? Distributed social network services are attracting attention

On July 1, 2023, Twitter imposed temporary API restrictions limiting the daily number of tweets that can be viewed. In response to Twitter’s changes, people are searching for alternatives to switch to. We researched the services that may replace Twitter, the user profiles, and the current switches happening.

Among the contenders for X's replacement, the service that especially garnered public attention was '*Threads*,' announced by Meta in July 2023. Threads secured an influx mainly from Instagram users and influencers, and became a hot topic as it surpassed 100 million downloads just five days after its launch.

What kind of people use Threads? Will it be the alternative to Twitter?

On July 6, 2023, Meta announced its new social media platform Threads, and it had over 100 million users in just five days after its release, becoming a potential candidate for replacing X (formerly Twitter). We will be analyzing the personalities of Threads users and predict future trends.

Despite a strong start, 'Threads' saw a significant decrease in active users to about 20% of its peak within a month after the service launch. What has become of the 'Threads' users since then? Let's dive back in and examine the usage trends. For this analysis, we will use Values' web behavior log analysis tool 'Dockpit' that allows us to conduct competitor site analysis and trend research directly from our browsers with monthly updated behavior data.

When we look at the actual transition in the number of 'Threads' users, though there was a decline in users in August, a month after the service launch, the numbers have since recovered to above the level of July and seem to have stabilized now.

The number of Threads users
Period: November 2022 - October 2023
Devices: smartphone

How is the frequency of usage?
When we observe the monthly average number of app launch days for 'Threads' users, there appears to be a gradual decrease since the initial period of the service.

Monthly average number of days Threads was launched
Period: November 2022 - October 2023
Devices: smartphone

'Threads,' which was initially used by innovators and early adopters in July, may have seen an increase in users recently with the entry of the majority demographic. Meanwhile, the decrease in monthly average app launch days suggests that the rise of light users has led to a lower average frequency of use.

Manga, Anime, and Games

Chiikawa(Something Small and Cute)

The manga and anime series "Chiikawa" by illustrator Nagano has been steadily gaining fans. "Chiikawa," known for being "something small and cute," started serialization on platform X in 2020 and was published as a book in 2021.

While the characters in "Chiikawa" have adorable appearances, the content is not just fun; it also includes a slightly bittersweet and somewhat absurd aspect.

With a cute world yet somehow human touch, the style has caught the public's eye. In April 2022, short animation segments began broadcasting within the "Mezamashi TV" program, and now the series has exploded in popularity, leading to an endless stream of collaborations with various companies.

Analyzing Chiikawa (= Something Small and Cute) fans! Why are adults so hooked?

In recent years, the character Chiikawa has rapidly gained popularity among adults. In this article, we explore the fascination with the character by analyzing the Chiikawa fan persona. We will also examine how brand collaborations affected “Oshikatsu,” the marketing strategies, and the actual “Oshikatsu” activities.

The Boy and the Heron

Studio Ghibli's latest film, "The Boy and the Heron?" was released in theaters on July 14, 2023. This film, the first from director Hayao Miyazaki in 10 years, became a topic of discussion due to its unconventional no-promotion strategy.

Prior information was limited to it being a Ghibli production and a single mysterious bird image. With no details revealed about the plot, characters, cast, or theme song until its release, the film had an unprecedented start. As of November 5, 2023, it has exceeded 8.5 billion yen in box office revenue, marking it as a significant hit even when compared to other films.

All films directed and scripted by Hayao Miyazaki since the 1993 release of "Princess Mononoke" have surpassed 10 billion yen in box office revenue. With the film still in theaters as of November, whether it can cross this 10 billion yen threshold continues to be of high interest.

Ghibli's latest work "The Boy and the Heron”: successful advertising-free strategy

"The Boy and the Heron," Director Hayao Miyazaki's first feature film in 10 years, was released in July 2023. It attracted attention for its unconventional release, with no ads, previews, announcements for its casting, etc. We will investigate consumer behaviors surrounding Studio Ghibli's "The Boy and the Heron.”

Pokémon Sleep

A new sleep app called "Pokémon Sleep" has been released from the immensely popular Pokémon franchise. '*Pokémon Sleep*' is an innovative app that combines sleep measurement and recording with gaming. Since its release in late July 2023, the app has swiftly surpassed 10 million downloads worldwide within just a month.
There are several sleep apps available aiming to check and improve sleep quality. Amid these, 'Pokémon Sleep' stands out as it allows users to gather and nurture Pokémon based on the regularity and length of sleep, offering a greater incentive to enhance sleep quality and establishing itself as a sleep app that's most enjoyable while awake.

Let's also take a look at the latest usage trends. Starting with the number of users, there has been a steady decrease since peak usage in July when the service started.

The number of Pokémon Sleep users
Period: November 2022 - October 2023
Devices: smartphone

On the other hand, looking at the trends for the average monthly number of app launches, this has been increasing every month since the service launch.

Monthly average number of days Pokémon Sleep was launched
Period: November 2022 - October 2023
Devices: smartphone

The decrease in users suggests that there is a certain number of people who downloaded the app but retreated after finding it unsuitable. Conversely, the increasing trend in average monthly app launches suggests that the user base may be narrowing down to highly frequent fans.
Just because 'Pokémon Sleep' is experiencing a user decline does not necessarily indicate a problem with the app itself; it seems to be an app well-suited for the right kind of user.

Are non-gamers also using it? Usage trends of the new sleep app Pokémon Sleep

Pokémon released a new sleep app . What kind of people are using Pokémon Sleep, the game app attracting attention that uses sleep? We investigated its usage following its release and the nature of its users.

Watermelon Game

The Nintendo Switch software "Watermelon Game" also entered the 2023 trend list, propelled by numerous game streamers who broadcasted their gameplay. 'Watermelon Game' is a falling block puzzle game where players stack fruit in boxes.

While the game boasts simple controls, it also offers a depth that allows players to continuously aim for high scores depending on their technique. Priced at just 240 yen and with short play sessions, it's easy for anyone to pick up and play. As of October 2023, download numbers for the 'Watermelon Game' have surpassed 2 million.

With its eye-catching visuals and thrilling come-from-behind gameplay, 'Watermelon Game' is readily featured in videos, becoming widely discussed even outside main gaming channels. It has been picked up by leading YouTubers like "Hajime Syacho" and "Hikakin," as well as comedian YouTubers such as "Jinnai Tomonori" and "Kamaitachi," highlighting its status as a topic of interest not just in the gaming community.

What factors make a game popular? Analyzing a very popular Nintendo Switch game

We live in an era where we consume large amounts of content. What make certain content popular? We will focus on the Nintendo Switch game the “Watermelon Game” that gained sudden popularity in Japan, and by analyzing consumers reacting to the trend, we will study the factors that made it buzz.

Trends Centered Around Generation Z Emerge

Born in the mid-1990s to the early 2000s and referred to as digital natives, Generation Z is known for its adept use of social media and sensitivity to trends, often being the source of them. We introduce some topics that caught the attention of Generation Z in 2023.


The free site for personality assessment, '*16Personalities*,' has become trendy, especially among Generation Z. '16Personalities' measures traits on four dichotomous scales, such as introverted versus extroverted, and classifies personality types into 16 categories. Users answer 93 questions to understand which personality type they fall under, allowing them to see their personality objectively.

For Generation Z, main uses include “assisting in self-analysis during job hunting” and “as a reference when creating social media profiles”. Though there are many personality assessment tools available, currently, 16Personalities might be the one with the most momentum. It allows you to succinctly convey who you are with the type names provided by 16Personalities. The value of using the same personality assessment tool as everyone else may lie in its universal appeal.

“16Personalities” is drawing attention among Gen Z: Its growing popularity is due to “job-hunting” and “social media”?

The 16Personalities personality test is becoming popular among young people. Celebrities have also shared the results of their personality diagnosis on their social media. When we researched the usage trends of 16Personalities, we found that Gen Z is using it for job-hunting and writing their profiles.

Time performance

A characteristic of Generation Z is their emphasis on '*time performance*,' or 'TyPa' for short. The culture of young people watching videos at increased speeds became a hot topic, and the term 'TyPa' was selected as one of the new words of the year in 2022.

What is "Time Performance"? Marketing Case Study of "Taipa Supremacy" Among Generation Z

Many Gen Zers are conscious of “taipa," short for “time performance," in various aspects of their daily life. So much so that the term "taipa supremacy" has emerged. This case study provides an overview of "taipa," its values, and marketing examples to understand the psychology and latest trends among Gen Zers.

In 2023, the concept of 'TyPa' has become even more ingrained, with its awareness extending beyond Generation Z and into various settings. Even in the business scene, partly due to the spread of remote work during the pandemic, the term 'TyPa' has been applied to unproductive meetings, paper documents, and long commutes, suggesting that it is becoming a common term used to denote poor time efficiency.


マナミナは" まなべるみんなのデータマーケティング・マガジン "。



投資を行っているZ世代の4割が月5万円以上投資 投資は「資金に余裕がある人がやること」「専門性が高い」イメージも【僕と私と調査】

投資を行っているZ世代の4割が月5万円以上投資 投資は「資金に余裕がある人がやること」「専門性が高い」イメージも【僕と私と調査】


Z世代の音声メディア利用率は約3割 ラジオやポッドキャストを"ながら視聴"で【僕と私と調査】

Z世代の音声メディア利用率は約3割 ラジオやポッドキャストを"ながら視聴"で【僕と私と調査】


YouTube, Shorts & TikTok: Comparing Gen X, Y, & Z! Usage rates, how they’re used, & effectiveness of ads <Part 2>

YouTube, Shorts & TikTok: Comparing Gen X, Y, & Z! Usage rates, how they’re used, & effectiveness of ads <Part 2>

Gen Z has been enjoying videos since their school days and known as one of the first to adopt short-form videos. We’ll analyze how they use video-format social media and compare with Gen X and Y. This analysis will cover medium usage, popular content, daily integration, purchasing behavior, and awareness.




Z世代にとってSNSは承認欲求を満たす場ではない?身近な人とのコミュニケーション手段としての利用が多数【SHIBUYA109 lab.調査】

Z世代にとってSNSは承認欲求を満たす場ではない?身近な人とのコミュニケーション手段としての利用が多数【SHIBUYA109 lab.調査】

株式会社SHIBUYA109エンタテイメントは、同社が運営する若者マーケティング機関『SHIBUYA109 lab.(読み:シブヤイチマルキュウラボ)』にて、Z世代を対象に「Z世代の承認欲求に関する意識調査」を実施し、結果を公開しました。


リスキリングに取り組めない理由の半数は金銭面 時間的理由・学習支援の少なさもネックに【ベンド調査】

リスキリングに取り組めない理由の半数は金銭面 時間的理由・学習支援の少なさもネックに【ベンド調査】





Is the "car camping" trend over? Investigating changes in demand and user persona based on search words

Is the "car camping" trend over? Investigating changes in demand and user persona based on search words

Car camping became popular in recent years for travel and as an outdoor activity done while social distancing. After the pandemic, its popularity is said to have subsided, but how has the demand changed? We look at changes in demand based on the searches and the user persona of people searching and their interests.







競合も、業界も、トレンドもわかる、マーケターのためのリサーチエンジン Dockpit 無料登録はこちら